There are two Work Experience (WEX) courses. WEX 12A and WEX 12B. Students can be enrolled in one or both courses simultaneously. These courses are optional, meaning they are not required by the Ministry of Education for a student to graduate.

Each completed Work Experience course is worth four Grade 12 Elective Credits.  In other words, a total of eight Grade 12 Elective Credits may be earned.

A minimum of 90 hours at a paid, unpaid, and/or volunteer WEX placement must be completed for each course within one school year. A total of at least 180 placement hours is required to earn credits for both courses.

Students may sign up in April or May, to earn WEX credits for the following year and begin logging WEX placement hours in the summer. However, no hours may be logged until forms are signed and completed, and pre-placement assignments are handed in.

NOTE:  Even though the Work Experience course is an optional course, when enrolled in WEX 12A, the student’s first 30 hours of work and/or volunteering completed by the student will also count toward the ‘required 30 hours of work and/or volunteer’ for Career Life Connections(CLC)

Students can arrange a placement of their own or can ask Career Centre/work experience teacher for assistance in finding an appropriate work/volunteer placement.

Examples of long term Work Experience opportunities:

  • Volunteen at Ridge Meadows Hospital
  • Maple Ridge Fire Department Youth Academy
  • Vancouver Aquarium Student Placements
  • Youth Mentor with Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows Parks and Leisure Services
  • Vancouver Opera Student Placements

Examples of short Term Work and Volunteer activities:

  • Job Shadow or Job Exploration
  • Volunteering at Community Festivals and Events
  • Work with Charity, Service Clubs, Non-Profit Organizations
  • Volunteering at Elementary School Events or in Classrooms
  • Summer Camps

Additionally, if you complete WEX 12A and you are taking two or three senior courses in a Focus Area (see below) you are also eligible to receive a Career Preparation Certificate in a Focus Area which will be recognized on your Dogwood Diploma from the Ministry of Education.

Focus Areas are:

Focus Area Certificate Name (focus symbol) – Courses in that focus area you might have taken or are currently enrolled in.

  • Business and Applied Business (XA) – Business Ed, Computer, Psychology, Law
  • Fine Arts, Design, and Media (XB) – Art, Music, Dance, Theatre, Computer
  • Fitness and Recreation (XC) – Physical Education (PE), First Aid, Leadership
  • Health and Human Services (XD) – Sciences, Human Services, Leadership
  • Liberal Arts Humanities (XE) – Socials, English, Languages, History, Law
  • Science and Applied Science (XF) – Sciences, math, Computers, Technology
  • Tourism, Hospitality, and Foods (XG) – Foods, Marketing, Psychology
  • Trades and Technology (XH) – Wood, Metal, Auto, Trades