Apply and What to do after you apply

Go to ApplyBC 

It is a centralized, online application service open to anyone wanting to apply for admission to a post-secondary institution in British Columbia (public only).  For answers to frequently asked questions about ApplyBC, go to the Help link.

To apply to an Alberta PSI, go to Apply Alberta .

To apply to an Ontario PSI, go to  Ontario Universities Application Centre .

To apply to a USA PSI, go to The College Board. Make sure you familiarize yourself with their SAT requirements.

After You Apply

You must complete the online PSI Selections form prior to March 1, to:

  • Allow the Post Secondary Institutions (PSIs) you apply to, access to: your preliminary transcript in mid-March; interim transcript info in May; final transcript in July
  • Ensure a smooth application and admissions process

Watch for correspondence from the PSIs you applied to:

  • This is important information that may come via email, a student portal or post
  • Read and understand it; follow any/all directions
  • If you are unsure about its content, call them
  • You may receive an offer of admission but it may be: conditional upon maintaing current grade averages and submitting required documents; withdrawn if you do not accept their offer by their deadline and pay your fees
  • Your registration/course selections date, time and instructions will likely come via correspondence – don’t miss this or you risk not getting the courses you want!

Submit your Grades

  • Each post secondary has a ‘time window’ for this
  • Self-report within each the ‘time window’ for each post secondary you’ve applied to (if you miss this you risk not being accepted or not getting into the program of your choice)



Douglas College

Emily Carr

Kwantlen Polytechnic University


Thompson Rivers U

Trinity Western U




Entrance Scholarships, Bursaries & Awards

  • Find out which ones you’re eligible for at each post secondary you’ve chosen
  • Find out how to apply (some are automatic & based on admissions averages; some require a separate application for each award; some have one application for many awards)
  • Apply by their due date – which is often the same as their early admissions deadline (NOTE: UBC’s is earlier than their admissions deadline)


  • Priority for on-campus housing is often given to first year students
  • Deadlines for booking housing are often the same date as early admissions

 Orientation Sessions

  • Once you have chosen THE post secondary you definitely will attend, find out the date of their Orientation Day for New Students
  • ATTEND IT!! Students who attend Orientation Events/Days are far more prepared to settle into their new “home” and focus on the content of their studies