Course Planning

Each year, THSS Counsellors visit all English classes during the month of February. The purpose of these visits is to deliver information to students about Course Planning. They include information about what courses are needed to graduate and how to plan for post secondary options. Students are also instructed in how to do their course selections online – which must be completed by March 31, of every year.

Course Decisions Gr. 8 & 9

  • Second language
    • Some universities such as UBC and SFU require a second language at the grade 11 level if going directly from high school.
    • Can transfer to university after a year or two of college
    • Other electives have no impact

Course Decisions Gr. 10

Course Decisions Gr. 11


  • Graduation – need minimum of 80 credits
  • Physical activity (150 min./week average) Learn Now BC Daily Physical Activity log
  • Work or Volunteering (30 hours required)
    • Volunteering above and beyond the 30 hours – the value of volunteering more than the 30 hours is twofold: 1. You get to explore your career interests and build skills 2.  You have a greater advantage in competing for scholarships and for being accepted into some post secondary programs. Make sure to keep track of all your volunteering. The Career Centre can provide you with a log sheet.

 Grade 12 Year

  • College/University Applications
    • Shop around: cost, class size, program availability, commute, residence, reputation
    • Apply to about 3 colleges/universities
    • Scholarship applications (visit our Types of Awards page)
    • Stay on pace with courses and keep grades as high as possible
    • If in Partnership program carry on with same psi