Scholarships listed by monthly due dates

The following information is ordered by monthly due date, beginning with the month of September. It is current at the time of posting, but deadlines may change over time. It is the student’s responsibility to double-check for updated deadlines.
Post-secondary Institution scholarships and bursaries are not included here.  Please check the Financial Aid & Awards sections of their websites for info or go to our  Entrance Awards Links to BC Post Secondary Institutions page.
  1. Royal Canadian Legion Youth Contests (students should contact their local branch during September to participate)
  2.  Judge Daniel F Foley/ANAVETS Memorial Scholarship
  3.  Col Frank Kossa/ANAVETS Memorial Scholarship
  4. SCAD Film Challenge
  5. RE/MAX “Quest for Excellence” Bursary program – opening of online essay submissions (until March 14) View RE/MAX past winning essays
  6. BC Principles and Vice Principles Association
  7. Mahatma Gandhi/SFU Student Awards
  8. Cerebral Palsy Association of BC
  9.  Adoptive Families Association of BC
  10. BC Golf Player Development
  11.  Bill Mason Memorial Outdoor Rec/Environmental
  12. Foster Children Bursary Program
  1.  Pacfic Parklands Foundation – Dr Mordehai Wosk Leadership Fund and Awards9
  2. Federation of BC Youth in Care Dream Fund
  3. Credit Union Foundation of BC  (for starting post secondary in the Fall)
  4. Loran deadline for supported applicants (THSS can nominate 3 students to the supported pool. If you wish to compete for one of these spots, See Mrs Sekhon or one of the counsellors for instructions)
  5. Ayn Rand ‘Atlas Shrugged’ Essay contest
  6. Horatio Alger Jim Pattison Award
  7. Pollard and Perrin Orthodontics Scholarship
  8. University of Toronto National Book Award


  1. TD Scholarships for Community Leadership
  2. ShadValley
  3. Automotive Industries Association of Canada
  4. Cappex
  5. Arthur Paulin Automotive Aftermarket Scholarship Award
  6. RBC Future Launch Scholarship


  1. Soroptimist Violet Richardson Award
  2. A & E Network Canadian Lives Essay contest
  3. Storwell’s Foster Children’s Bursary Program
  4. Compass Mortgage Group Scholarship
  6. Lives That Make a Difference Essay Contest


  1.  BC Hydro Power Pioneers Community Service Award
  2. David C Lam/Teal Foundation Award (students who’ve done ESL coursework at the secondary level)
  3. BC TEAL  (TCF & Taiga Galli Refugee Award)
  4. Senior Advice. Com Scholarship
  5. Westcoast School of Massage Therapy (can only apply once you’re in their program)
  6. RBC Students Leading Change Scholarship
  7. Optimist International Oratorical Contest
  8. Optimist Communication Contest for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
  9.  Community Newspaper Association


  1. BC Technology Industry Association (BCTIA)
  2. Nimbus Mix Contest – Mix Contest Tracks will be available for download
  3. Terry Fox Humanitarian Award 
  4. Schulich Leader (Nomination deadline is in January) 
  5. CIBC Scholarship
  6. Gordon Smith Youth Environmental Stewardship Fund
  7.  Tim Hortons (for employees or their children/grandchildren – inquire via supervisor)
  8. BC Girl Guides Trefoil Guild
  9. The Coquitlam Foundation
  10. Coquitlam Optimist Club Essay Contest
  11. Credit Union Foundation of BC  (for starting post secondary in the winter semester)
  12. Lester B Pearson United World College two-year pre-university college (Grade 12 and Gap Year) scholarship for grade 11’s BC Secondary Schools Girls Basketball Association
  13. Royal Bank of Canada Aboriginal Awards
  14. BCCPAC Educational Award
  15. Health Sciences Assoc of BC Aboriginal Bursary
  16. Tzu Chi Bursary  (to help School District students participate in non-school sponsored extra-curricular activities)
  17. Stacey Levitt Memorial Award
  18. Community Newspapers Award 
  19. RBC  (if you have a parent employed with them)
  20. Writer’s Trust Essay Contest


  1. Canadian Association of Principals – Student Leadership Award
  2.  10 Words or Less Scholarship
  3. Hatfield Society Scholarship
  4. Nature Vancouver 
  5. Prospera Credit Union
  6. Canadian Hard of Hearing Assoc
  7. (or the first Friday in March) Ken Dryden Youth in Care Scholarship 
  8. Nimbus Mix Contest – Final mix submissions must be uploaded
  9. Federation of BC Youth in Care Dream Fund
  10. TRIUMF High School Fellowship
  11. RE/MAX “Quest for Excellence” Bursary program
  12. The Leonard Foundation
  13. BC Girl Guides Eve Pound Scholarship
  14. BC Girl Guides Margery Dumfries Scholarship
  15. Canadian Iranian Foundation 
  16. Trevor Linden Community Spirit Scholarship
  17. Ayn Rand ‘Anthem’ Essay Contest
  18. RBC Aboriginal Youth Leadership Scholarship
  19. Canadian Retail Institute
  20. Corsa South Asian Foundation
  21. Odenza Marketing Scholarship
  22. $500 Acting Out Grad – Theatre Arts Scholarship
  23. BC Association of Health Care Auxiliaries
  24. BC Hydro Power Pioneers
  25. BC Soccer Association
  26. BCSTA Student Citizenship Award
  27. D B Perks Lifesaving (Lifeguarding) Award
  28. Irving K Barber Aboriginal Teacher Education Award
  29. Ministry of Education’s Pathway to Teacher Education Scholarship
  30. Writer’s Trust Essay Contest
  31.  Pacific Coast Amateur Hockey Association 


  1. Optimist International Oratorical Contest
  2. Optimist Communication Contest for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
  3.  Allied Van Lines
  4.  Irving K Barber BC Aboriginal AwardIrving K Barber BC Aboriginal Award
  5. Girl Guides of Canada 
  6.  Pacific Coast Amateur Hockey Association 
  7.  Peter Pasula Mortgage Solutions “Study Habits” Scholarship
  8.  Phi Delta Kappa International 
  9.  Westminster Savings Youth In Action Awards
  10.  Vancouver Film School Women in Games Scholarship
  11.  Certified Management Accountants Scholarship (Saskatchewan university)
  12.  Certified General Accountant Scholarship 
  13.  Public Guardian & Trustee Educational Assistance Fund
  14.  Phi Gamma Delta
  15.  BC School Superintendents Association contests (website design for grades 6 – 12; essay for grade 12
  16.  Great Questions of Canada Essay Contest
  17.  Canadian Scholarship Trust
  18.  Ayn Rand ‘The Fountainhead’ Essay contest
  19.  IODE British Columbia offers 2 Arts (Visual or Performing) Awards: $500 Junior Award for ages 13 – 16; $800 Senior Award for ages 17 & 18.
  20.  BC Arts Council
  21. BC Amateur Hockey 
  22.  Canadian Tourism College Scholarship
  23.  Education Facility Managers Assoc of BC (for dependents of school district employees in the school plant ie. Maintenance or Custodial) It’s under School Districts tab.
  24.  Irving K Barber International Scholarship to Study Abroad
  25.  Pat Fletcher Golf Bursary
  26. Phi Delta Theta
  27. Ayn Rand ‘We the Living’ Essay contest 
  28. Science World Barbara Brink Internship & $2,200 Scholarship
  29. Coast Capital Savings Education Awards


  1. Badminton Scholarship 
  2. Croatian Cultural Centre
  3.  Fraser Valley Basketball Officials Association Scholarship
  4.  Korean Canadian Scholarship Foundation
  5. Federation of Community Social Services BC 
  6. Nimbus Mix Contest
  7.  Overwaitea Food Group and UFCW Local 1518 Scholarships
  8.  Vancouver Police Museum (For further info contact the museum at or call 604-665-3346
  9. BC School Sports Scholarship
  10.  Royal Canadian Legion
  11.  Confratellanza Italo-Canadese Society Scholarship
  12.  Children of RBC Employees Scholarship
  13.  Janice Lee Blue Wave Bursary
  14.  Mission Creek Ortho
  15. BC School Sports Dave Gifford Memorial Scholarship 
  16.  BC School Sports Zone Scholarships
  17. Coast Capital Savings 
  18.  Visual College of Art and Design Vancouver 
  19.  Maple Leaf Dentistry Scholarship
  20. Association of BC Drama Educators Award
  21.  BC Road Builders & Heavy Construction Assoc/Betty Spalton Scholarship
  22.  Canadian Scholarship Trust Learning Matters Education Charity Bursary
  23.  Confratellanza Italo-Canadese Scholarship (applications are in the Career Centre)
  24.  Caretenders Scholarship
  25.  Italian Cultural Centre Vancouver
  26.  LM Scholarship
  27.  $500 Making Grad Great – Graduation Scholarship
  28.  Tzu Chi Bursary  (to help School District students participate in non-school sponsored extra-curricular activities)


  1. CG Trader
  2. The AbbVie IBD Scholarship (for students with Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis)
  3. EF Global Citizen Scholarship
  4. FAAY Aboriginal Scholarship
  5. Fraser Institute Student essay Contest
  6. Kayak Illustrated History Award (for ages 7 – 14)
  7. Got a Spine Scholarship Jack Farley Youth Sports Achievement Award
  8.  Canadian Medical Hall of Fame
  9.  New Relationship Trust Aboriginal Scholarship
  10. New Relationship Trust Aboriginal Bursary
  11. Looking Glass Foundation 1, $5,000; 2, $2,500 Scholarships supporting full time students who have been treated by a professional/clinician or an eating disorder
  13. Automotive Industries Association of Canada
  14. Credit Union Foundation of BC  (for starting post secondary in the spring/summer semester)
  15. Global Lift Equipment Scholarship
  16. New Relationship Trust Scholarship 
  17. APEG Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC
  18. Trinidad and Tobago Cultural Society Essay Competition
  19.  Alexandra Foundation for Neighbourhood Houses/Elmer Helm Youth Fund
  20. BC Epilepsy Society
  21. June Callwood Harmony Scholarship
  22. June Callwood Harmony Scholarship Application form
  23. Lift Parts Express Scholarship
  24. Royal Canadian Golf Association
  25. United Steel Workers Scholarship
  26. University of the Aftermarket Foundation Scholarship Program 


  1. Gymnastics BC
  2. National Union of Public and General Employees
  3. Federation of BC Youth in Care Dream Fund
  4. CUPE Aubrey Burton/Reg Ford Memorial Scholarship
  5. Boys and Girls Club of Canada Grade 10 Scholarship
  6. Norman Taylor Memorial Bursary 
  7. Khalsa Credit Union
  8. BC Electrical Association 
  9. BC Road Builders & Heavy Construction Association’s Betty Spalton Scholarship
  10. Senior scholarship


  1. ALBA George Watt Memorial Essay contest 
  2. Icelandic Canadian Club of BC
  3. BCIC Young Innovator Scholarship 
  4. Bill Kehler Memorial Award for Broadcasting, Agriculture or Rodeo
  5. Larry Ashley Scholarship Program
  6. UBC Aboriginal and Affiliation Awards